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Welcome to Twin Seafood Market!

Concord Location

John and Joe Loblundo opened the Twin Seafood in Concord in June of 1991. The first challenge they encountered was finding a name for the market, since they are twin brothers they decided on Twin Seafood.

From the first day of business the people of the surrounding towns have adopted Twin Seafood as their neighborhood seafood market/restaurant. In February of 2001, they opened their second market at the old Greer’s Seafood location in Belmont. And the same family-owned neighborhood seafood market feel is present there.

The guys grew up working at a local seafood market near their home town of Somerville. While working through high school and college they developed an in depth knowledge about seafood: filleting, cooking and handling. After college Joe continued on at Fresh Pond Seafood and John went off to work in high-tech. After ten years the boys decided to open their own seafood market in Concord and the rest is history.

The twins have more than twenty years in the seafood business. They are up early every morning to individually pick each fish, lobster and shellfish that comes into their markets. All the seafood is selected from one of the finest seafood merchant ports in the world the Boston Seafood Port and Exchange. The boys are serious about their fish, because it is their business.